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Libyan Newswire

Custom Authority Welcomes Government Call to CBL to Endorse Exchange Rate

Tripoli, 2 March 2016(Lana) The custom authority has welcomed a call by the National Salvation Government to the Central Bank of Libya, to endorse the exchange rate, which could ensure monetary stability of the market, provide foreign currency for trade and personal needs, and end black market. In a statement, a copy of which was obtained by the Libyan news agency, the authority highlighted the recommendations made by the ad hoc committee selected by virtue of the Decision No (205) of 2015, on participation of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economy through the custom authority in the letter of credit procedures, given that the two ministries are the bodies responsible for executing the country's financial and commercial policies. The recommendation cannot but be appreciated by all, for the impact they have on the citizens life, alleviating their suffering, and the custom authority is prepared to give all support for the realization of an economic policy that fulfill the higher interests of homeland, the statement said

Source: Libya News Agency