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CRICKET-ACCIDENT-Dwayne Bravo in minor car accident

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad: West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo sustained slight injuries following a vehicular accident on a major high way running through central Trinidad Wednesday, local media have reported.

The 29 year old all-rounder was treated at a health facility and discharged after suffering injuries to both hands following the accident on the Uriah Butler Highway.

His white Jaguar sports car collided with a Suzuki SUV from behind which in turn crashed into a Nissan Almera, police in Chaguanas have said.

No one was injured in the other vehicles and Bravo’s front-seat passenger also escaped injury, police said.

However, Bravo is reported to have sustained soft tissue damage to both hands and was later discharged from the Chaguanas Health facility with bandages.

The collision happened near the site where West Indies cricketer Runako Morton was killed when his car crashed into a utility pole earlier this year.

Police in Chaguanas are investigating the cause of the crash.




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