Thursday, 20/2/2020 | 4:36 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Congolese Foreign Affairs Minister Says His Country Will Host Summit Meeting on Libya.

Algiers, The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Congo John Claude Gakoso announced here on Saturday that his country was hosting a summit meeting on Libya on January 25th, as an 'African contribution' to efforts to resolve the conflict raging in the country since 2011. 'The summit to be hosted by the Republic of Congo, which presides over the AU high level committee on Libya, will tackle the Libyan crisis and the available solutions, to end the African conflict, the Algerian news agency quoted the Minister as saying following a meeting with Algerian Foreign Minister Ramadan Al Amamra. 'We should not leave this opportunity to the others to dictate on us their solutions.' 'We have to look for a way out of this crisis, Gasco said, calling on African countries to shoulder their responsibilities. He called for a 'wider consensus that takes on board all Libyan parties, to put an end to the state of anarchy in this country.'

Source: Libya News Agency