Monday, 10/8/2020 | 5:07 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Civil Status Intelligence in Benghazi apprehend a network forging Libyan nationality.

Benghazi, Civil Status investigators in

Benghazi apprehended a major network forging Libyan nationality.

Head of the Intelligence in Benghazi, Ausama Al Dersi said

investigators and arrests dept received intelligence from a source

saying there are individuals selling forged Libyan nationality, birth

certificates and residence visa and other documents.

Al Dersi said based on such information investigations started

and the information has been ascertained and indeed several persons

were apprehended in possession of scores of forged nationalities,

birth certificates and other documents.

The documents were blank but stamped and disclosed that they

have connections to administrators at the Civil Statues and passports

Authorities who sell such documents for money.

He said large quantities of money were apprehended also with the

accused as well as equipment and forged university degrees and SIM

cards used to communicate with the network. The accused were referred

to the prosecution for further investigations.

Source: Libya News Agency