Saturday, 26/9/2020 | 8:00 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

China and Tunisia show their will to assist the stability in Libya.

Tunisia, - On Friday , China and Tunisia have agreed on establishing an infrastructure projects in Tunisia , and promoting cooperation against terrorism. Tunisian foreign minister "Khamis J'hinawi" , in a press conference with his Chinese counterpart "Wang Yi" , which was held in the capital Tunis , said that the Chinese foreign minister's visit , is very important in the framework of supporting Tunisia and backing it to face the economic challenges , as well as security issue in confronting terrorism , noting that his Chinese counterpart showed his country's readiness to contribute in an infrastructure projects in Tunisia , especially in the health field. J'hinawi said that the discussions with his Chinese counterpart , had dealt with the regional and international issues , including the Libyan file , asserting China's full readiness to help for the stability of libya. For his part , the Chinese foreign minister "Wang" , said that his visit to Tunisia is message to the world , that his country is seeking to strengthen relations with it , according to the Tunisian side needs , noting that there is a consensus to promote cooperation in the infrastructure area , especially in health and education , as well as cooperation in confronting terrorism.

Source: Libyan News Agency