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Libyan Newswire

Chief of Staff of French Air force Says No Political Decision to Intervene in Libya

Paris, 9 March 2016(Lana) The Chief of Staff of the French Air force General Andre La Natha on Tuesday stressed that there was no political decision to intervene in Libya. 'The air force of course can carry out reconnaissance and strike missions in Libya, but it needs to prioritize over operation theaters, La Natha said at the Association for Defence Specialized Reporters. The force is committed to participation within its capabilities including reconnaissance and strike mission it carries out against Da'esh from bases in Jordan and the UAE, he said. The only step the air force took in Libya was reconnaissance missions, because it was normal to do that in a non-stable area, he added. He noted that 20 out of 180 fighter planes were taking part at foreign operation theatres, in addition to planes deployed to defend homeland and secure the nuclear deterrent and different missions including training Egyptian pilots on Rafale fighter planes.

Source: Libya News Agency