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Central Bank of Libya honurs its former governors.

Central Bank of Libya honurs its former governors.Sunday , 1405201716:15:00

Tripoli, 14 May 2017 (Lana) Central Bank of Libya (CBoL) represented by its current Governor Al-Sadiq Al kabier, honured its former governors, who carried out their tasks with devolution and loyalty during the past decades, in gratitude by the CBoL to the efforts of those governors. The honuring included, Rajeb Al -Messalati, Dr Taher Al Jihimi, Qassem Sherlala, Dr Abdulhafiz Al Zelitni, and Dr Farhat Ben Qadara. The houring ceremony came at the end of a workshop hosted by the CBoL on ‘economic policies, horizones and challenges’ with the participation of former governors, being national experts that should be tapped into their experience to serve the homeland. =Lana=.