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Central bank holds NAB responsible for goods shortages.

Central bank holds NAB responsible for goods shortages.Wednsday , 1605201817:41:00

Tripoli, 16 May 2018 (Lana) Central bank of Libya issued
statement holding the National Audit Bureau responsible for shortages
of goods in the Libyan market.
In a statement – a copy of which was received by Lana- the
central bank said it took the initiative as of late 2017 through
official correspondence with the competent authority in Libya
alerting to the prospect of crisis of food shortages and high prices.
The Presidency Council responded positively on importation of basic
goods but the NAB halted the measure. The central bank held the NAB
responsible for the hardships of the public due to halting the
process, expressing readiness to support any move by the relevant
authorities to import goods.