Monday, 27/1/2020 | 2:22 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

CBoL: Subsidized goods would reach Libyan market within twenty days.

Tripoli, Central bank of Libya reassured the public the public that it took all measures to provide basic needs in preparation to the blessed holy month of Ramadan. In a circular, a copy of which was obtained by Lana that measures were taken with all commercial banks to import what amounts to 550 US dollars of various food stuff through documents against cash before the Holy month of Ramadan, stressing that the food stuff would arrive to the Libyan market within the next twenty days. The CBoL called don all watchdog bodies to follow up and ensure that goods found its way to the public with genuine prices. It stressed that the goal of these measures were to reduce food stuff prices in the Libyan market.

Source: Libya News Agency