Thursday, 28/1/2021 | 1:22 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire
  • Libya Raids Benghazi Arms Bazaar

    Benghazi police this week raided the infamous Jenehein market and arrested a large number of drug and weapons dealers.

    “Weapons and narcotic pills were seized during the raid, which ended without casualties in the ranks of the joint force, which …

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  • Terrorists Take Libya Hostage

    Yasmin Najjar in Tunis and Mawassi Lahcen in Casablanca contributed to this report for Magharebia

    These are dangerous times to be in Libya.

    Days after kidnapping Tunisian diplomat al-Aroussi Kontassi in Tripoli, Libya terrorists released a video showing another Tunisian …

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  • Benghazi Residents Propose Security Solutions

    A member of al-Saiqa Special Forces survived an assassination attempt on Monday (April 21st) in Benghazi, the latest in an endless stream of attacks on security forces in Libya’s second city.

    The soldier was driving in the city’s Laithi district …

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  • Libya Jihadists Hold Tunisian Diplomat

    An unknown jihadist group in Libya released a video on Monday showing a Tunisian embassy worker pleading for his life.

    Mohamed Benchikh is shown crying during the five-minute video, as he calls on Tunisia’s president to help rescue him from …

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  • Libya Chaos Impacts Artists [interview]

    With Libya’s capital of culture facing daily bombings and assassinations, artists are left in a perilous position.

    To get a handle on the situation, Magharebia met in Benghazi with Ahmed Bouakeula al-Obeidi, a 42-year-old actor, playwright and songwriter. He began …

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