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  • Uighurs in Exile Fear for Loved Ones Amid Crackdown in China

    WASHINGTON, People of the Uighur diaspora are lobbying governments around the world to pressurize China to release information about the fate of their missing family members. The Chinese government has tightened its grip on the far western Xinjiang province, calling it a campaign against religious extremism. The United Nations estimates that up to 1 million

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  • Libya Oil Company Offices Attacked, Causing Fire, Casualties

    BENGHAZI, LIBYA, Security forces of Libya’s U.N.-backed government on Monday stormed the headquarters of the country’s national oil company in the capital Tripoli shortly after gunmen had gone into the building, shooting randomly, setting off explosions and taking hostages, officials said. The Health Ministry said two people were killed and 10 others were injured in

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  • Destination Europe: Overlooked

    As the EU sets new policies and makes deals with African nations to deter hundreds of thousands of migrants from seeking new lives on the continent, what does it mean for those following dreams northwards and the countries they transit through? From returnees in Sierra Leone and refugees resettled in France to smugglers in Niger

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  • Fragile Peace Prevails in Libya after Ceasefire Accord Ends Recent Outbreak of Violence, Special Representative Tells Security Council

    Permanent Representative Warns Supporters of Armed Groups, ‘Subversive Actors’ Interfering in State Banking Sector A fragile peace is in place in Libya following the recent outbreak of violence in Tripoli and the brokering of a ceasefire agreement, the senior United Nations official in that country said today while briefing the Security Council. Ghassan Salamé, Special

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  • Ceasefire agreement reached in Libyan capital, announces UN mission

    An agreement on a ceasefire in Tripoli has been reached under the auspices of Ghassan Salame, the top United Nations official in Libya, the Organization’s Support Mission in the country, UNSMIL, has announced. According to a tweet posted on the Mission’s official Twitter account, the agreement aims to “end all hostilities, protect civilians, safeguard public

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  • NOC And Al Breiga Oil Marketing Co.

    Confirm Fuel Available at Depots. Tripoli, The National Oil Company NOC and the Al Breiga Oil Marketing Company have confirmed fuel was available at their depots, despite the ongoing events in the capital. This came at a joint meeting by the companies bosses designed to come up with a plan to ensure permanent fuel supply.

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