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  • Christians in Egypt Bury Their Dead After Attack

    CAIRO, Hundreds of mourners turned out for funeral services Saturday, after seven people were killed when their minibus was attacked by terrorists outside the Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in the southern Egyptian city of Minya a day earlier. Families of the victims wailed and sobbed as the coffins of their loved ones were carried

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  • Press Conference by Security Council President on November Programme of Work

    The Security Council will hold more than 20 meetings in November, including important open debates on peacekeeping operations in Africa and the strengthening of global multilateralism, its President for the month said at a Headquarters press briefing today. Presenting an overview of the 15-member Council’s “very full” programme of work, Ma Zhaoxu (China) said his

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  • Minister Of Interior Discusses Security Cooperation Between Libya And USA.

    Tripoli, GNA Minister of Interior, Fathi Bash Agha met the US British charge de affaires to Libya. The meeting focused on bilateral cooperation on securing airports, security training, fighting crime and terrorism. MoI website reported that the minister stressed to the US Charge de affaires whom he met in Tunis Tuesday on the importance of

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  • CBL Governor Meets UN Official.

    Tripoli, The Governor of the Central Bank of Libya Al Sidiq Al Kabir on Monday met the Deputy UN Representative for Political Affairs Stephanie Williams and UNSMIL economic adviser. According to a CBL report posted on its website, the meeting, held at the Governor’s office, dealt with what has been accomplished in the economic reform

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  • United Nations Gender Equality Chief, Briefing Security Council, Points Out ‘Systemic Failure’ to Integrate Women in Peacekeeping, Mediation

    Citing Exclusion, Inadequate Funding, Secretary-General Highlights ‘Significant Gap’ Between Words Spoken in Chamber, Actions Outside Nearly two decades after the Security Council’s adoption of a landmark resolution on women, peace and security, the head of the United Nations entity responsible for gender equality warned today of “systemic failure” to integrate women into such critical processes

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  • UN Envoy And His Assistant Visit Tauergha.

    Tauergha, The UN Special Envoy to Libya and his Assistant for Political Affairs Stephaney Williams on Wednesday paid a visit to the city of Tauergha, to get a firsthand account of the conditions there after return of some of the city’s residents. Salama told an audience in the city he was grateful for the positive

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  • NOC Board Meets With Oil Airline Company.

    Tripoli, Chairman of National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla held a meeting devoted to discussing activities of Oil Airline Companies, difficulties and problems facing them and appropriate solutions. The meeting focused on developing the airline company’s work for its prominent role in support of oil companies and oil fields. The meeting was attended by mem ber

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