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Canada provides additional security and development assistance to Jordan

Ottawa, Ontario

29 April 2015

The Government of Canada greatly values Jordan as one of our key partners in the Middle East. Our Government is committed to helping Jordan address the security, humanitarian and development challenges it faces as a result of the threat posed by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Jordan’s generous acceptance of hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing the barbarity of ISIS and the Syrian crisis.

To this end, on April 29, 2015, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the following initiatives, which include an additional $25 million in security assistance and nearly $97.8 million in development assistance to further address Jordan’s security and development needs, and enhance cultural relations between our two countries:

Security Initiatives

Title: Strengthening Radiological Security at Jordanian Border Crossings
Cost and timeframe:
$5 million (2015-2016)

This project will provide fixed radiation detection monitoring equipment at currently-unsecured border crossings, in order to mitigate the risk of illicit trafficking of nuclear or radiological materials through the region.

Title: Containing ISIS-related Terrorism Spillover into Jordan
Cost and timeframe:
$4.5 million (2015-2017)

This project will support Jordan’s ability to prevent and respond to terrorist activity through enhanced front line monitoring and detection at border crossings. In addition, the project will provide first responders dealing with incidents involving explosive material with equipment and training for the safe detection and detonation of improvised explosive devices.

Title: Enhancing Chemical and Biological Security in Jordan
Cost and timeframe:
$3 million (2015-2017)

This project will further strengthen the ability of the Government of Jordan to prevent, detect and respond to potential chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats. The project will leverage and complement previous programming in Jordan, and address additional CBRN needs that have been identified by the Government of Jordan.

Title: Enhancing the Capacity of the Jordanian Authorities to Identify and Respond to Terrorist Threats
Cost and timeframe:
$2.5 million (2015-2017)

This project will enhance the capacity of the Jordanian authorities to identify and respond to terrorist threats through the contribution of equipment and related training in support of counterterrorist strategies.

Title: Facilities for Jordanian Gendarmerie Force Near the Za’atari Camp
Cost and timeframe:
$2 million (2015-2016)

This project will provide accommodation, dining and office facilities close to the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, to increase the effectiveness of the Jordanian Gendarmerie Force (GF) in securing Za’atari and the surrounding area. It will also complement the civil police authority in the town of Mafraq by reducing the response time to emergencies within the camp and improving the overall operational environment for the GF in Za’atari.

Title: Enhanced Vehicle Screening Capabilities at Border Crossings
Cost and timeframe:
$2 million (2015-2017)

This project will enhance the capacity of Jordan’s security forces at border crossings to perform non-intrusive and faster screening of vehicles used for illicit transport of people, weapons and explosives.

Title: Strengthen Financial Systems in the Middle East and North Africa to Cut off Financing to ISIS
Cost and timeframe:
$2.5 million (2015-2018)

This project will create better safeguards in the Middle East financial systems to limit ISIS’ use of international financial structures. It will lead to increased detection, prosecution, and conviction of terrorist financing.

Title: Jordanian Armed Forces’ Maritime Counterterrorism Capacity
Cost and timeframe:
$1.5 million (2015-2016)

This project will deliver equipment, training and infrastructure upgrades to support Jordanian maritime counterterrorism capacity.

Title: Combating Violent Extremism in Jordan and Syria
Cost and timeframe
: $1.5 million (2015-2018)

Working in cooperation with Jordanian officials, Canadian support is expected to build resilience against radicalization.

Title: Support to the Jordanian Armed Forces – Vehicle Parts and Maintenance
Cost and timeframe:
$500,000 (2015-2016)

This project will provide maintenance of existing Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) vehicles and equipment, extending the operational life-span of approximately 200 vehicles for seven months, thereby ensuring the sustainability of previous interventions. This project complements a previous contribution by Canada of vehicles and equipment for the JAF to help them respond to and transport the large influx of Syrian refugees.

Development Projects

Memorandum of Understanding on Development Cooperation Effectiveness

This memorandum of understanding (MOU) on development cooperation effectiveness, between Canada and Jordan will formalize the overarching framework for the Canada-Jordan development cooperation relationship. The MOU clarifies the countries’ roles for the implementation of Canada’s development assistance program in Jordan, including policy dialogue and program coordination. It also acknowledges Canada’s leadership role among donor nations in partnering to advance Jordan’s education agenda

Title: Launch of a Call for Proposals to Support Women’s Economic Empowerment
Cost and timeframe:
$15.5 million (2016-2019)

The call for proposals is designed to support private sector growth by increasing women’s entrepreneurship and participation in the workforce in Jordan. Projects selected will contribute to increasing productivity and job opportunities generated by women entrepreneurs; increasing employment of women by businesses; and reducing gender-specific barriers to women’s entrepreneurship and to women entering into and remaining in the workforce.

Title: Improving Solid Waste Management and Income Creation in Host Communities
Cost and timeframe:
$15 million (2015-2017)

As a result of the Syrian crisis, the Irbid Governorate, in northern Jordan, has seen a significant increase in residents. Consequently, the amount of solid waste deposited at the local landfill now exceeds the adsorptive capacity of the site, which is leading to the contamination of soil and groundwater resources. This project supports Jordan’s efforts to improve solid waste management infrastructure and services, improve health conditions of landfill staff and local communities, and create income-generating opportunities related to the site for local residents.

Title: Promoting Economic Development in Communities Hosting Syrian Refugees
Cost and timeframe
: $5 million (2015-2017)

This project promotes development and social cohesion in Jordanian communities hosting high numbers of Syrian refugees. The project aims to help these communities deal with increased poverty levels and living costs, high unemployment, greater competition for employment opportunities, and increased violence against children and women. Activities will include providing one-time cash transfers to vulnerable Jordanian households including female-headed households, and enhancing access to business services and skills development, particularly for women and youth entrepreneurs. The project will directly benefit over 15,000 Jordanian and Syrian women and youth.

Title: Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Crisis in Communities Hosting Syrian Refugees
Cost and timeframe
: $5 million (2015-2017)

This project will address the socio-economic challenges of vulnerable Jordanians by increasing support to youth and women living in refugee-hosting communities. It aims to reach 10,000 direct beneficiaries including 6,500 women. Project activities will include building local capacity for development projects through the establishment of youth and women’s groups, and implementing a market assessment that identifies vocational training opportunities for women, men and working-age youth.

Title: Addressing Water Needs in Communities Hosting Syrian Refugees
Cost and timeframe
: $5 million (2015-2017)

This project will improve the ability of 40,000 Jordanians to cope with the negative socio-economic impact of hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees and the effect that this has on limited local water and energy resources. Project activities include: rehabilitating and improving damaged water infrastructure such as public boreholes and pumping stations in affected communities, providing technical support on water infrastructure repairs and maintenance to local water authorities, and establishing community groups involving men, women and youth for longer-term sustainable water management.

Title: Enterprise Development in the Jordan Valley
Cost and timeframe:
$19,225,000 (2016-2020)

This project will improve the entrepreneurial and business capacities of targeted women and youth through better access to enterprise development services and linkages with high end markets. The project’s goal is to contribute to Jordan’s economic growth and stability and addressing unemployment and economic deprivation in a chronically poor part of the country. This project will benefit up to 50,000 women and youth entrepreneurs in the Jordan Valley region.

Title: Alternative Education for Out-of-School Children and Youth in Jordan
Cost and timeframe:
$15 million (2016-2017)

This project will address the education and protection needs of 90,000 out-of-school boys and girls by providing a comprehensive package of services that includes informal education, psychosocial support and life skills training. The project will also work to address gender-specific barriers to education and to strengthen pathways back into the formal education system. Canada’s support is part of a coordinated, multi-donor program led by UNICEF and involving key national and local stakeholders.

Title: Enhancing Child Protection, Education and Economic Resilience in Host Communities
Cost and timeframe:
$11,780,000 (2016-2019)

This project seeks to address key challenges affecting children’s safety and education in Jordan. The project’s goal is to ensure that Jordanian and Syrian girls and boys and their families have access to quality child protection in early childhood and primary education services in four governorates in Jordan hosting significant numbers of refugees. This will be achieved by improving the delivery of education and child protection services and putting in place mechanisms that will promote the safety and education of children living in poor families.

Title: Improved Learning Environments for Children in the Irbid Governorate
Cost and timeframe:
$6,220,000 (2016-2019)

This project will provide a safe and healthy learning environment for Jordanian and refugee children attending 75 public schools in the Irbid Governorate, one of the governorates hosting the largest numbers of Syrian refugees in Jordan. Project activities include rehabilitating 75 public schools to meet Jordanian Ministry of Education safety and security standards and training school-community committees for ongoing maintenance and stewardship; and providing technical assistance and capacity building to the Ministry of Education to develop training material on environmental health and non-violent communication and deliver this training to teachers. This project is designed to reach 27,750 girls and boys and 500 education staff.

Title: Syrian Refugee/Jordanian Dialogue Platform
Cost and timeframe:
$270,000 (2015-2016)

This pilot project will provide Jordanians and Syrians with a forum to communicate and build trust within the Mafraq Governorate, in eastern Jordan.

Cultural Initiative

Negotiations toward an Audiovisual Coproduction Treaty

An audiovisual coproduction treaty between Canada and Jordan will stimulate investment in the sector and create new opportunities for Canada’s audiovisual industry to access new markets, thus generating employment for Canadians and Jordanians alike.

Over the last 50 years, Canada has signed audiovisual coproduction treaties with 54 countries.