Saturday, 4/7/2020 | 3:40 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

“Bring Nuzha brothers back from Libya” protesters demanded

NNA – “Bring Nuzha brothers back from Libya”, protesting family members pleaded with Foreign minister Gibran Bassil today.

Having blocked Nahr-el-Bared international highway to traffic in protest, Nuzha family members blamed Salam-led government for what they termed as giving the issue of the kidnapping of both brothers the blind eye; they duly requested that a swap between Hannibal Gadhafi currently kidnapped by Yaacoub tribe and the two brothers takes place immediately.

The desired swap is no ransom affair at all and, we remain confident that intercession by Justice and Foreign ministers Rifi and Bassil with the Libyan kidnappers is prone to bring their sons back to them safe and sound, they concluded.