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Brazzaville Summit Calls for Comprehensive National Reconciliation in Libya.

Brazzaville Summit Calls for Comprehensive National Reconciliation in Libya.Sunday , 29-01-2017 – 15:58:00

Brazzaville, 29 January 2017(Lana) The 2nd AU High-Level Committee on Libya was concluded here on Friday with a call for a comprehensive national reconciliation in the country , and to put in place a road map to be put before the next African summit to be held in Addis Ababa shortly. The Committee issued a communiqué at the end of its meeting in which it called on all parties to the political conflict in Libya to a seminar on national reconciliation attended by neighboring countries that would work to put an end to the long conflict in the African country. The Committee renewed its support for the Presidency Council to achieve peace and stability in the country. The AU High Representative in Libya Former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwette presented the Union’s vision for Libyan reconciliation in the coming future, and the need to put in place prompt mechanisms to end the conflict which blocked development in the country and the role it could play on the African level. Africans are capable of resolving their problems themselves, put in place a road map that suits their reality, Kikwette said in press statements, saying the Committee’s mission will head to Libya in February to liaise with different parties with the aim of bringing them together on the table of negotiation. =Lana=