Friday, 10/4/2020 | 2:30 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Azzi stresses need for Arab coordination at this stage

Labor Minister Sejaan Azzi underscored "the need for Arab coordination at this stage which our Arab world is passing through."

The minister word's came during his chairmanship to the session of the heads of delegations who are participating in the Arab Work Conference which takes place in Cairo and will end Thursday.

Azzi said that the meeting is assigned to discuss the Arab nominations for the International Work Organization Board in order not to enter into an unfruitful competition, pointing out that "such positions are to serve the interest of the Arab people not for showing off."

Azzi's suggestion was welcomed by the various Arab delegations who agreed, as a result, on the members of the Board of the Arab Work Organization; thus, Egypt, Iraq, Qatar and Libya were assigned as basic members in the Board and Palestine as an alternate member.

The two members in the Lebanese delegation Iman Khazaal from the legal experts committee and Moussa Feghali from the Finance Control Body were assigned to be in the organizational and constitutional bodies.

Moreover; Ali Fayyad was elected as the vice-president of the Finance committee in the conference and the General Labor Federation President Ghassan Ghosn was selected as head of the working group.

Source: National News Agency