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Audit Office Issues Orders Freeze of Several Bank Accounts.

Audit Office Issues Orders Freeze of Several Bank Accounts.Monday , 18-01-2016 – 15:32:00

Tripoli, 18 January 2016(Lana) The Chairman of the Audit Office Khalid Shakshek has issued a decision to freeze dozens of bank accounts accused of foreign currency trafficking and forgery. The new measures included in the decision No.14 for 2016, involved bank accounts of 38 companies and 62 individuals for involvement in currency trafficking and forging official documents. There was an encroachment on public money and those involved in this must be tracked down and prosecuted, the audit office said pointing commercial banks forgery of letter of credits and extortion of hard currency. The Office outlined the major issues involving financial corruption and squandering of public funds and referred 150 files to the competent authorities while still working on other cases. The Office has earlier announced that it had retrieved 6 billion of public money from accounts of 1400 public departments which it paid into the public revenue account at the Central Bank of Libya. =Lana=