Saturday, 22/2/2020 | 12:11 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

AU High-Level Committee to Visit Libya in February

Brazzaville, The AU High-Level Committee on Libya announced at the end of its meeting here on Friday it would make a visit to Libya in a bid to break the political stalemate and bridge the gap between the Libyan parties to reach a solution to the crisis. The Committee has expressed support for the Political Agreement signed by the Libyan parties in Al Sukheirat, Morocco and its outcome namely the Presidency Council, the High State Council and the House of Representatives, the Head of African Affairs Department at the Foreign Ministry Mohamed Al Maghour told the Libyan news agency. The AU High-Level Committee on Libya convened a meeting in the Congolese capital Brazzaville on Friday attended by the Head of the Presidency Council Fayez Al Saraj, Congolese President Denis Saso Ngessou, Chadian President Idris Debi, the incumbent President of the African Union, President Mohamed Weld Abdul Aziz of Mauritania and President Mohamed Yusuf of Niger, as well as representatives of Libya's Neighboring countries and Arab League and African Union representatives. =Lana=

Source: Libya News Agency