Attorney General reveals use of potassium bromate in bread industry in several municipalities


Tripoli, 29 November, 2022 (LANA) - Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour has revealed the use of “potassium bromate” in the manufacture of flour and bread at unsafe proportions by those in charge of this industry in several municipalities.

The Attorney General office stated in a statement that the judicial control officers and investigators working in the Public Order and Anti-Corruption Prosecution Offices took 600 samples of wheat, flour and other materials used in the manufacture of bread and pastries, then the Public Prosecution requested a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the samples.

The office added that the Public Prosecution conducted other judicial measures aimed at ensuring food safety, and verifying the availability of the required conditions in 232 bakeries, as the procedures revealed serious violations in each of Tripoli, Al-Khums, Misrata, Al-Zawiya, Benghazi, Gharyan, Tobruk, Al-Bayda and Sabha.

It instructed his agents, prosecutors, to initiate investigation procedures and take the necessary measures to ensure that medical tests and examinations are conducted on workers to ensure their health safety and that they are free from infectious diseases, and to ensure that the legal requirements for entry, residence and work of foreign workers into the country are met.

Source: Libyan News Agency