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At Meeting With Libyan Envoy: Al Jheinawi States His Country’s Constant Position to Libyan Crisis

Tunis-Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Al Jheinawi has reiterated his country’s constant position to the crisis in Libya that Libyan parties had to reach a peaceful solution under sponsorship of the United Nations. This came a meeting Al Jheinawi held on Friday with the Libyan Foreign Ministry Envoy Ma’atoug Burawi. According to a statement by the Tunisian Foreign Ministry the meeting focused on coordination between the two countries on issues on the agenda of the 30th session of the League of Arab States due on March 31. In an earlier interview with the Tunisian ‘Al Hiwar’ TV channel, Al Jheinawi said Tunisia main goal is to get the National Gathering taking place this year under the auspices of the UN, saying his country was unable to resolve the Libyan crisis alone, in a reference to negative interventions by some countries. He expressed hope that the solution of the crisis would be by Libyans themselves.

Source: Libya News Agency




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