Thursday, 1/10/2020 | 3:14 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Association of Libya Elders and Notables Asks Presidential Council to Care for Libyans Abroad.

Tripoli,The Association of Libya Elders and Notables has called on the Government of National Accord to consider the situation of Libyans living abroad and the difficulties they faced away from home. The suffering of Libyans abroad including procrastination on part of Libyan diplomatic missions in issuing them with travel documents has become a matter that cannot be ignored, Dr Taher Al Badawi member of the association told the Libyan news agency. Al Badawi appealed to the Passport and Nationality Directorate and the civil register work out an urgent mechanism to resolve their problems, saying Libya's challenge is unity and fighting sedition.

Source: Libyan News Agency