Arrival Of 70 Members Of House Of Representatives In The City Of Sabratha.

Sabratha, (Lana) - 70 representatives from the House of Representatives representing various Libyan cities arrived Saturday night in the city of Sabratha to participate in a session of arrangements for granting confidence to the government, which will be held by the House at the Talil tourist resort in Sabratha.

The deputies were received by members of the 13th district, MPs Faraj Abdul-Malik, Al-Mabrouk Al-Khattabi, and a number of members of the municipal council, as well as wise men and notables in the city of Sirat.

The members of the House of Representatives from the city of Sabratta confirmed in a statement to the correspondent of the Libyan News Agency that the representatives who arrived tonight represent cities from the east and south of Libya, waiting for the rest of their colleagues to join them.

In their statement, the deputies expressed their thanks and appreciation to the people and officials of the city of Zuwara for the good reception they had received since their arrival at Zuwara airport, and the facilities and hospitality they had received until their arrival in Sabratha.

Source: Libya News Agency