Wednesday, 5/8/2020 | 10:32 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Arabic language day marked in Ghiryan.

Ghiryan, Culture and Civil Society Office in Ghiryan in collaboration with Libyan society for Public Opinion Research organized Sunday a celebration marking Ar4abic language day. Several papers were presented in the celebration hosted by Arabic Language department, Ghiryan faculty of arts, three documentary films, explaining the history of approving the World day of Arabic language, and asserts the need to instill Arabic culture in ways that project the correct facet of the language of the Holy Quran. The speeches stressed the need to support teachers and intellectuals to enhance the education of this language to assume high ranks in the course of developing, and intellectual creativity of Arabic language. Head of media office in Ghiryan Culture office, Al sadiq Al saadi told Lana that the celebration came to embody the history of Arabic language regarded spring of Islamic cultures. Several senior education and culture officials attended the festivity.

Source: Libya News Agency