Arab League: We seek to establish a new mechanism for cooperation with the United Nations on Libya

Cairo - The Arab League renewed its call for an immediate cessation of hostilities and the return of the Libyan parties to the political track under the auspices of the United Nations to reach a settlement to the Libyan crisis. A statement attributed by the Middle East News Agency to the Arab League, that its Secretary-General, "Ahmed Abu-al-Gheit" stressed that a political settlement is the only way to end the crisis, revealing an official letter addressed by "Abu al-Gheit" to the Secretary General of the United Nations "Antonio Guterres" to develop an advanced mechanism to strengthen cooperation between The League and the United Nations, in a manner that enables them to exercise their responsibilities towards Libya, and reinforces Arab support for the efforts of UN envoy "Ghassan Salama". The statement also confirmed the Arab League's commitment to its partners within the framework of the Quartet and the Berlin track.

Source: Libya News Agency