Sunday, 27/9/2020 | 9:21 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Arab foreign ministers will discuss developments in libya.

Tripoli, - The Arab league council will hold its an extraordinary session , on the foreign ministers' level on Saturday , headed by Bahrain kingdom , the current Arab league president. Press sources quoted from the Arab league general secretary's deputy , "Ahmed Ben-Hili" , his assertion that this extraordinary session will discuss four issues , including the developments in Libya , in-light of the political agreement , and the steps that followed it. The league will also discuss , number of steps , about how to assist Libya to manage a consensus , to establish a national accord government , and to return security and stability in libya , also to confront terrorist organizations , which had deteriorated security and stability in the country. The meeting will also deal with coordinating the Arabic steps , about the Palestinian case , and preparing an agenda draft for the upcoming Arab summit , in its 27th session which is scheduled to be held in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott , on the 20th - 26 of next July , also the developing situation in Yemen.

Source: Libyan News Agency