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Answer – VP/HR – Stability in Libya – E-001918/2016

The EU is closely working with the UN Support Mission in Libya facilitating the formation of a Government of National Accord. The March European Council reaffirmed EU readiness to support the Government of National Accord (GNA) as the sole legitimate government of Libya. The UN SRSG for Libya (Martin Kobler) met informally with the President and Members of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in March to brief ministers and to ensure continuous joint action. On top of permanent political support the EU is the main financial contributor covering the costs entailed by the UN process and by the support being provided to key state institutions such as the Constitutional Drafting Assembly.

The EU has a support envelope for Libya of EUR 100 million which includes both direct support to the population and to the GNA. The ‘Public Administration Facility’ (EUR 3 million), for instance, foresees the provision of ad-hoc expertise, capacity building and training on issues like communication and media to key ministries. The implementation and pacing of individual actions will be prioritised in close coordination with the Libyan authorities as discussed by the High Representative together with the Presidency Council in January 2016 and by the Foreign Affairs Council with PM Fayez al Serraj on 18 April.

The EU will continue to provide aid through humanitarian organisations in a principled manner as well as short-term assistance to the direct benefit of the Libyan population in need; improved security conditions on the ground would facilitate its provision. The EU is also ready to consider support to the Libyan authorities, should they request it, in security sector reform, notably through training and advice.