Saturday, 14/12/2019 | 11:24 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Answer – VP/HR – Presence of the Caliphate in Libya – P-015302/2015

The EU is gravely concerned by evidence of increased activity of extremist groups, including Da’esh, across Libya and recognises the threat that these groups present to the future stability of the country and the region.

In this regard, the EU welcomed the listing by the UN Security Council of Ansar al Sharia Derna and Benghazi as terrorist organisations under UNSCR 1267 as a measure to increase the means to deal with these organisations and to hamper their financial flows and ability to operate.

The main reason for the gradual expansion of Da’esh-affiliated groups in Libya remains the vacuum of power in the country. Subsequently, the EU is supporting the efforts of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Mr Kobler, to facilitate a political settlement which should lead to the establishment of a Government of National Accord (GNA) able to operate from Tripoli.

In parallel, the EU is undertaking activities in support of the silent majority of moderate voices in the country to strengthen their position vis-a-vis the radicals. However, the impact of those actions is seriously limited by the prevailing political and security crisis.

The EU stands ready to assist a Libyan Government of National Accord to address the numerous security challenges it will face, including counter-terrorism.