Monday, 16/12/2019 | 6:57 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Answer – VP/HR – four Italians abducted in Libya – E-012198/2015

The HR/VP expressed her solidarity to Italy and condemned the kidnapping at the FAC meeting on 20 July 2015..

The EU constantly monitors security developments in Libya and is well aware of how the situation is deteriorating along the strategic Tripoli-Tunisia coastal road, where the four Italians were abducted. There is a constant exchange of information on security between the EU and Member States.

The EU has long been concerned that the political vacuum and disorder are helping terrorist groups gain a foothold in Libya and has been relentlessly lobbying all Libyan stakeholders for a speedy acceptance of the UN-brokered Political Agreement, in the belief that only a new unity government, supported by all Libyans and by the international community, will bring the stability needed to restore law and order.

The EU is providing most expertise in the area of security to the UN mission to Libya, through a cell that is drafting plans for a quick delivery of assistance in the field of security to the new government with which, eventually, a counter-terrorism strategy will be discussed, as with other countries in the region.

Furthermore, substantial aid (about 100 million euros) stands ready to be delivered to Libya to help the new authorities quickly deliver essential services to the population, necessary for a long-term return to stability.