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Answer – VP/HR – EEAS and security experts – E-015453/2015

On 9 February 2015, the EU Foreign Affairs Council agreed to further strengthen the capacity of key EU Delegations by the deployment of ‘security/counter-terrorism experts’. In response, seconded experts have already been deployed in several countries: Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey.

Their main tasks are to assist EU Delegations to monitor security developments and to contribute to analysis and reporting in the fields of security, counter-terrorism, rule of Law, security sector reform. More specifically, they play an important role in the setting up of the so-called ‘targeted and upgraded’ Counter terrorism Political Dialogues with MENA countries.

This adds to security experts already deployed in the EU Delegations of Libya (currently evacuated to Tunis) and Lebanon, as well as in the EU Delegation in Somalia (based in Nairobi).

All these experts are proving their value by contributing to strengthening the capacity of EU Delegations in:

enhancing local coordination with Member States and international partners;
helping develop cooperation programmes
increasing overall EU awareness and information.

It is an excellent asset, assisting the EEAS but also the Commission and the EU as a whole in enhancing its engagement with international partners in combatting terrorism.