Friday, 3/4/2020 | 7:05 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Answer – Smuggling and SAR operations in harmony – E-002731/2017

The Commission does not consider that the reported statements from Admiral Credendino can configure accusations of a form of collusion or cooperation of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with migrant smugglers networks, which constitutes a criminal offense sanctioned by EU and Member States law.

The Commission is aware that recent sources, including in the framework of hearings currently conducted by the Defense Committee of the Italian Senate on migratory flows management in the Mediterranean, raised the issue of radio contacts and communication between NGOs assets and other subjects, including possible smugglers and traffickers, either on land or at sea.

The competence for investigating communications with migrant smugglers or traffickers, in Libya or other North African countries, to the aim of facilitating illegal entry of migrants to the EU, as potentially constituting a criminal offence, falls within the remits of competent national authorities.