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Libyan Newswire

Answer – Report: EU complicit in migrant abuse – EU policy and funding with regard to Libya – E-007631/2017

Programmes adopted under the North of Africa window of the European Union (EU) Emergency Trust Fund for Africa(1) can be composed of several projects. Each project has a specific costs breakdown linked to the nature of the activities and agreed with the relevant implementing partner responsible for carrying out the activities. First payments are issued following the signature of the contract.

There is currently a package of EUR 255.6 million worth of EU funding for programmes on migration in Libya of which EUR 237 million has been approved under the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa so far to actions in this country.

Through the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa(2), the Commission supports the efforts of international organisations, civil society organisations and Member States’ agencies as implementing partners, to provide assistance and protection to migrants, refugees and Internally Displaced People in Libya, support to Libyan municipalities as well as capacity building and training to Libyan authorities working on migration management. This support does not entail direct funding to Libyan authorities.

The Commission condemns all human rights and international humanitarian law violations and abuses against refugees and migrants. On a number of occasions in dialogue with the Libyan authorities, the EU has called for the unhindered access of humanitarian actors in Libya to facilitate the assistance and protection of those in need and to ensure the respect of human rights. The EU has been involved from the outset of the crisis in the country alongside the United Nations, in trying to find a constructive outcome, and our active engagement continues.

(2)COM (2015) 7293.