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Libyan Newswire

Answer – NGO rescue ships in the Mediterranean – E-002094/2018

Through the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the Commission has adopted the programme ‘Support to Integrated border and migration management in Libya’ with the aim of strengthening the capacity of relevant Libyan authorities in the areas of border and migration management. The overall amount of the programme is EUR 46 300 000 and includes a contribution of EUR 42 223 927 from the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa(1), a co-financing of EUR 2 231 256 from Italy and a parallel financing from the EU Internal Security Fund of EUR 1 844 817. This last part of the funding is aims to support a feasibility study to assess the Libyan capacity in the area of Search and Rescue (SAR). The final purpose is to build a national SAR organisation/system including a full-fledged Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC). The Rescue Coordination Centre is a body belonging to a national competent authority, in this case Libyan Coast Guard, acting as national coordinator for SAR in the area of responsibility in accordance with the international legislation on SAR. The role of the Rescue Coordination Center is to react immediately to any situation of distress at sea coordinating the rescue efforts, including as regards arrangements for a place of safety to disembark the person rescued. Better cooperation between neighbouring MRCCs, where established, will contribute to ensure timely and effective intervention.

Close coordination between all participants in the SAR operations in the Mediterranean is key to the effective implementation of the existing rules and to ensure the safety of all concerned, migrants and crews alike.