Friday, 3/4/2020 | 8:58 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Answer – Maritime information exchange with Libya – E-001511/2018

We are not aware of any Italian-Libyan joint control centre in Rome. However, a Libyan Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre project is being set up by the Italian Coast Guard and funded by the European Union in Tripoli. It will support the Libyan authorities to identify and declare their Search and Rescue (SAR) Region, in accordance with international maritime laws and in cooperation with neighbouring countries.

The Service Oriented Infrastructure for Maritime Traffic Tracking (SMART) — an Internet-based secured communication network provided by the Italian Navy — is used as an alert and coordination tool by all anti-piracy stakeholders. It has been designed to enable unclassified information sharing with military and civilian maritime stakeholders. The Libyan Coastguards are being trained to use it. It is similar to Mercury in the Indian Ocean.