Friday, 14/8/2020 | 5:42 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Answer – ICC investigation into Libyan detention centres funded by the EU – E-004251/2017

The Commission supports all efforts from the International Criminal Court to bring to justice any violation of human rights and of international law. As expressed by President Juncker in his State of the Union: ‘We must also urgently improve migrants’ living conditions in Libya. I am appalled by the inhumane conditions in detention or reception centres. Europe has a collective responsibility, and the Commission will work in concert with the United Nations to put an end to this scandalous situation that cannot be made to last’.

The Commission has adopted a number of actions to address the conditions in which migrants are stranded in Libya and to support Libyan authorities improve their capacity to better manage migration in a humane and dignified manner(1). In the case of detention centres, the EU does not fund the management of these centres but supports international organisations to improve access to life saving protection services and assistance (e.g. by providing sanitation or ventilation, identifying the most vulnerable cases in those centres) as well as to develop alternatives to detention which will serve as spaces where the most vulnerable cases can receive special care 24/7(2).

Given the complex situation in Libya, a number of measures have been put in place to ensure the good delivery and proper monitoring of implementation. Beyond the regular monitoring and reporting obligations applicable to organisations benefiting from EU support, the programmes adopted for Libya include the possibility to conduct ad hoc monitoring of the Actions.

These regular and exceptional assessments will allow for an informed opinion on whether the conditions on the ground for the proper implementation of the activities are met. Should this not be the case, the Commission will not refrain from suspending the activities involved.

(1) Table in annex
(2) Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.