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Answer – Helping the Libyan Coast Guard to establish a Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre – E-000547/2018

The Declaration of a Search and Rescue (SAR) area is a unilateral right of States contracting party to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea and the International Convention of 1979 on Search and Rescue concluded in Hamburg on 27 April 1979. In July 2017, Libya declared to the International Maritime Organisation that the Search and Rescue Region corresponded to the Tripoli Flight Information Region (as adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation). This Declaration was later rectified to include the exact geographical coordinates.

The feasibility study on the Libyan Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Project, implemented by the Italian Coast Guard and funded by the European Commission, supports the Libyan authorities in identifying and declaring their Search and Rescue Region, in accordance with international maritime laws and in cooperation with the neighbouring countries. The Italian Coast Guard is providing assistance to the Libyan Authorities in setting up the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre and facilitating SAR agreements with Libya’s neighbouring countries.

Through the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the Commission has adopted the programme ‘Support to Integrated border and migration management in Libya’ with the aim to strengthen the capacity of relevant Libyan authorities in the areas of border and migration management. The overall amount of the programme is EUR 46.3 million which includes a contribution of EUR 42.2 million from the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa(1), a co-financing of EUR 2.2 million from Italy and a parallel financing from the EU Internal Security Fund of EUR 1.8 million.