Friday, 28/2/2020 | 12:38 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Answer – Extensive technical support for Libyan coast guards – E-000256/2018

1. The activities and sub-activities described by the Honourable Member are indeed part of the programme. The contract with the Italian Ministry of Interior was signed in December 2017. The overall amount of the programme is EUR 46.3 million and not EUR 285 million. The EUR 46.3 million includes a contribution of EUR 42.2 million from the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa(1), a co-financing of EUR 2.2 million from Italy and a parallel financing from the EU Internal Security Fund of EUR 1.8 million. Additional financing may be mobilised in 2018 subject to the implementation progress of the project(2).

2. The operational centres are to be established in Libya. They will be managed by the General Administration for Coastal security under the responsibility of the Libyan Ministry of Interior and the Libyan Coast Guard and Port Security under the responsibility of the Libyan Ministry of Defence.

3. Private companies that may be needed for the set-up of the operational centres will be selected in due course in line with the procedures of the Italian Ministry of Interior, the implementing partner for the project.