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Answer – Development aid for Libyan agencies funding IT and forensics tools for the 'fight against people smuggling' – E-007619/2017

On 4 December 2017, the Operational Committee of the North of Africa Window of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa(1) adopted the regional programme ‘Dismantling the criminal networks operating in North Africa and involved in migrant smuggling and human trafficking’(2) (with a total budget of EUR 15 million) to be implemented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

This regional action will target the public sector (i.e. the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Finance, and Health) in the countries of the region and will directly benefit the various actors dealing with law enforcement (including border control) and criminal justice through capacity-building as well as provision of light equipment.

This includes IT and forensic tools which will be provided, based on prior assessments, in order to ensure proper evidence collection and preservation as well as its relevant use in the investigations of organised criminal groups. At the same time, the project upholds the rights of migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers and vulnerable groups.

A country package is being established for each country benefiting from this action. Given the specificities of Libya, special attention is given to a set of interventions exclusively focusing on Libya’s needs, including capacity building to the Libyan Department to Counter Illegal Migration (DCIM), legislative support regarding the revision of laws concerning irregular migration and human trafficking, and support to the capacity of the Prosecutor General Office to carry out investigations. In addition, the action will support inter-agency cooperation between Libya and neighbouring countries, and countries on the other side of the Mediterranean.

(2) More information on the programme at: