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Libyan Newswire

Answer – Deaths in the Mediterranean – Libya – E-008012/2016

The EU is fully aware and deeply saddened by all loss of lives. Those who cross the Mediterranean are victims of a brutal trafficking and smuggling business which needs to be tackled.

Operation Sophia has so far contributed to disrupting smugglers’ business model (101 smugglers arrested; 347 vessels neutralised; 29 603 migrants rescued in 204 rescue operations; 44 733 migrants rescued through aero naval support). In October, Operation Sophia started to train Libya’s Coast Guard with the objective of enhancing their capability to disrupt smuggling and trafficking in Libya and to perform search and rescue activities which will save lives and improve security in the Libyan territorial waters.

The EU Integrated Border Assistance Mission in Libya is planning for a civilian capacity building and assistance crisis management mission with an important border management component. A Libyan-EU committee on Integrated Land Border Management is being formed. The EU Delegation to Libya is engaged in intensive dialogue with UN and agencies, as well as the humanitarian community, in order to contribute addressing this complex issue.

The EU funds ongoing programmes related to migration in Libya worth over EUR 20 million are providing protection and assistance to vulnerable migrants, aim at improving their living conditions in detention centres and include support to host communities by providing employment opportunities for both local inhabitants and migrants.

Moreover, in addition to actions targeting Libya, through the Partnership Framework under the Agenda on Migration the EU is cooperating with priority third countries of origin and transit to prevent irregular migration and tackle migrant smuggling at its source.