Monday, 30/3/2020 | 10:11 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

American envoy to Libya asserts support to presidential council in its war against Da’esh.

Tripoli, - The US envoy to Libya "Jonathan Winner" in a tweet on twitter website , on Friday , expressed his country's support for the presidential council and the accord government , in fighting against what so called the terrorist Da'esh organization , in Sirt city. Its noteworthy that the presidential council had issued a statement on Thursday , about forming a joint military leadership , to launch a liberating operation for Sirt city from Da'esh elements , as it's the high army commander , according to the political agreement. Both , the UN envoy "Martin Kobler" and the British ambassador to Libya "Peter Mellette" , had welcomed the council and government statement , for assigning a joint military leadership for operations against the state organization in Sirt.

Source: Libyan News Agency