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Algerian -UN talks on Libyan political developments.

Algerian -UN talks on Libyan political developments.Sunday , 1305201815:54:00

Algiers, 13 may 2018 (Lana) Algerian Foreign minister,
Abdulqader Mesahel met in Algiers, the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan
Salama to discuss political and security situation in Libya.
UNSMIL explained on its website that the two sides discussed the
political situation in Libya, developments of the political process
including municipal elections as well as violent escalation in Sebha.
Salam offered last September an initiative to address the Libyan
crisis providing for forming a drafting committee to introduce the
necessary amendments to the political accord, then open the door to
those who were excluded and distanced themselves from the political
process by convening an inclusive national gathering to identify
members of the executive institutions.
The initiative includes a referendum on the constitution, besides
a dialogue with the armed groups for their integration and offer an
initiative to unify the national army, and continue with
reconciliation efforts and take decisive measures with respect to the