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Algeria renews emphases that no alternative to political solution.

Algeria renews emphases that no alternative to political solution.Wednsday , 20-04-2016 – 21:14:00

Tripoli, 20.04.2016(Lana) Algeria has renewed its emphases that there is no alternative to the political solutions and national reconciliation and national dialogue to address the Libyan crisis. At a press conference in Tripoli, Wednesday Algerian Minister for Maghreb, African union and Arab League Affairs, Abdulqader Misahel, said Algeria hosted national dialogue meetings for political parties, civil societies activists under the UN umbrella, to underscore that addressing Libyan crisis lies in consultations and dialogue. ‘Our presence in Tripoli was to express our solidarity with the Libyan people, and offer our utmost to be alongside fraternal libya at these circumstances, Misahel said. We are here also to discuss Libyan – Algerian cooperation priorities, develop border areas. in addition to fighting terrorism and extremism and restore security and stability. He confirmed Algeria’s readiness to offer assistance and advise in all fields, and support efforts leading to peace and stability in libya. he said his country would reopen its embassy as soon as possible. =Lana=