Friday, 14/8/2020 | 8:05 UTC+0
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Algeria Presses for Libya Dialogue

Algeria is heightening diplomatic efforts to rally international support for a dialogue between warring parties in Libya.

“The situation in Libya, our brotherly neighbour, which has been facing an internal crisis for years, challenges all African countries,” Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra said Tuesday (December 9th).

Dialogue among Libyans is the only way to achieve national reconciliation, he said, noting that the United Nations, the African Union and countries of the region supported Algeria’s initiative.

Algeria would continue its efforts to reunite Libyan parties, Lamamara told the press last week. He acknowledged, however, that reaching an outcome required time, as the situation was “very complicated”.

The dialogue had been scheduled for the end of October.

Meanwhile, Algeria’s call for a political solution in Libya is drawing support from local and international partners.

“The Algerian initiative has a chance of achieving the desired objectives, such as restoring stability to Libya and stopping violence in many regions,” African Union official Mondher Rezgui said during last week’s security summit in Oran.

“This initiative, which is currently in the preparation phase, seeks to gather all parties to find common ground with an agreement that enables Libya to overcome this difficult phase, similar to those launched by the African Union,” he said.

Rezgui continued. “The security situation in Libya is still tense, with continued clashes and acts of violence.

“There are many calls from international organisations about the need to establish a comprehensive dialogue that does not exclude any party,” the AU official added.

Along with African Union members, western countries also support Algeria’s dialogue plan.

Algeria and the United States agree on ways to resolve the Libya crisis, Maghreb and African Affairs Minister Abdelkader Messahel noted December 9th in Algiers.

“There is a total convergence of views between Algeria and the United States regarding the search for a political solution to the situation in Libya,” the Algerian minister said after meeting with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence Amanda Dory, who was visiting the country to discuss current military co-operation projects.

“Algeria and the United States will continue to consult each other, to exchange their analyses and try to work to bring about the process that would preserve the unity and stability of Libya,” Messahel said.

In parallel with its diplomatic efforts, Algeria is stepping up security measures along the Libya border.

The army recently ordered the transfer of more than 8,000 military forces to the eastern border with Libya and Tunisia, and about 5,000 military forces to monitor the border with Mali.

The Air Force is also conducting sorties along the frontiers, in light of the deteriorating security situation in Libya.

Source : Magharebia