Algeria Is Satisfied With The Agreement Reached By The Libyan Parties In Geneva To Form A New Executive Authority.

Algeria (WAL) – The Algerian President Abdel-Majeed Teboune expressed in a speech on the Algerian radio and audio network yesterday night: (Algeria is satisfied with the agreement reached by the Libyan parties in Switzerland, which is something that honors and reassures Algeria, which has made diplomatic efforts, to reach a peaceful settlement of the crisis in this brother country), according to the official Algerian news agency.
Adding that (in this framework, the President of the Republic said that the Algerian diplomacy once again highlighted Algeria’s voice in international forums with regard to the Libyan crisis, by always emphasizing that the solution must be a Libyan-Libyan, and its standing at the same distance with all parties and sects without tilting to one side or the other, under the supervision of the United Nations).
The Algerian agency, said that President Teboune highlighted (the Geneva meetings resulted in the selection of a new Libyan leadership that was entrusted with the tasks of organizing general elections at the Libyan level on next December 24th, to indicate that the Libyan parties succeeded in early February, within the framework of the Forum for Political Dialogue in Geneva sponsored by the United Nations in choosing a new executive authority).

Source: Libya News Agency