Monday, 16/12/2019 | 11:08 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Algeria Fears "Chaos" in Libya Leads to Regional Insecurity (

Algeria on Sunday voiced its fears that “chaos” in Libya could lead to regional insecurity, urging Libyan disputing parties once more to establish a national unity government, said a statement from the Foreign Ministry quoted by APS news agency.

The statement “strongly” condemned the recent “terrorist acts” which targeted the locality of Sirte in northern Libya.

However, Algeria’s Foreign Ministry remains “certain” that Libyans will “take charge of the security challenge” and “preserve national unity, territorial integrity, Libya’s sovereignty and its community cohesion.”

The source added that this is possible due to “the political will and the Libyan peoples’ high sense of responsibility to redouble their efforts to promote the conclusion process of inter-Libyan negotiations in the interest of Libya and the entire region.”

Algeria reiterated its commitment to work with all “Libyan parties, with the exception of UN-ranked terrorist groups,” in a bid to end this four-year-long crisis.

Violent clashes were reported Tuesday between Islamic State (IS) militants and local fighters over control of the city of Sirte.

According to the LANA news agency, an IS linked group hung 12 Libyan fighters, raided a local hospital in Sirte and beheaded 12 fighters who were receiving medical treatment there before setting the hospital ablaze.

The internationally recognized Libyan government requested Saturday that the Arab League adopt a resolution allowing them to launch air strikes against IS camps in Sirte.

The Arab League will decide on the request Tuesday at a special meeting in Cairo, Egypt.