Saturday, 25/1/2020 | 2:31 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Algeria Convinced That Dialogue Is ‘Best Way’ to Resolve Crisis in Libya

Algeria remains “convinced” that dialogue and national reconciliation are the “only ways” to resolve the crisis in Libya, said Wednesday, in New York, Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel.

“We are totally and fully convinced that it is only through dialogue and national reconciliation that the Libyan parties can overcome this serious crisis,” said Messahel in a meeting of the United Nations Security Council devoted to the examination of the situation in Libya.

“I can only say, once again, that this much desired solution, and I think that there is no divergence on this point, can come only from the Libyans themselves,” said Messahel, while adding that “the duty of the international community is to prepare all the political and diplomatic means to support and encourage this solution.”

Following the deterioration of the situation in Libya, the minister expressed “Algeria’s major concern about the rapid restoration of stability in the country and also about regional and international peace and security.”

” More than ever, these developments push us to make greater efforts to help and encourage the Libyans to engage in the dialogue by rebuilding their unity, national cohesion and finally establishing their national consensus on common objectives, with the support of the international community,” said Messahel.

Source : Algerie Presse Service