Monday, 27/1/2020 | 8:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


ALGIERS, Feb 22 Algeria“vigorously” condemned Saturday the terrorist attacks perpetrated in al-Quba (eastern Libya) and reaffirmed its rejection to terrorism in all its forms, said Foreign Affairs Ministry in a communiqué.

“Algeria vigorously condemns the bloody terrorist attacks that caused the death of dozens of innocents in al-Quba, in eastern Libya, and offers its condolences to the families of the victims, while expressing its solidarity with the brotherly Libyan people,” said the communiqué.

“In this critical situation, Algeria, which reiterates its rejection to terrorism in all its forms and condemns terrorists as well as all those supporting it through actions and statements, calls on all the political forces and other Libyan players to strengthen the ranks and reject all the factors of division,” added the communiqué.

“ For Algeria, the resolution of the current crisis requires from all the honest Libyan citizens and personalities to work with full responsibility and join their efforts to those of the neighbouring countries of the international community for a consensual solution likely to bring the country out of the crisis and encourage the return of security and stability, while respecting the sovereignty of Libya and its national and territorial unity,” said the communiqué.