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Algeria Adamant Solution to Libyan Crisis is Through Dialogue.

Algeria Adamant Solution to Libyan Crisis is Through Dialogue.Monday , 2205201713:06:00

Riyadh, 22 May 2017(Lana) Algeria has reiterated its position that the Libyan crisis could only be resolved by parties to the conflict sitting at the negotiating table, rejecting military solutions. This was stated by Abdul Gader Bin Saleh, President of the Algerian Al Ummah Council at the Arab-Islamic-US Summit which concluded in Riyadh on Sunday. The meeting was devoted to discussing security partnerships to combat terrorism and extremism in the world. ‘Resolving crises in Syria, Yemen and Libya goes through a ’political negotiable track’, without exclusion, and away from the military options which aggravated the situation and led to a humanitarian catastrophe, Bin Saleh said. Meanwhile the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Abdul Latif Bin Rashid Al Zayani highlighted the Arab-Islamic-US Summit which he said ‘reflected the desire by all to strengthen partnership between Islamic countries and the United States to combat terrorism and extremism and work for political solutions to the regional issues including the Middle East peace process.’ US President Donald Trump called for one goal, defeat of terrorism saying ‘the summit marked the start of the end of terrorism disseminators.’ =Lana=