Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 5:48 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Al-Thulti: Presidency Council convenes meetings on resignation of Vice-President Musa Koni.

Tripoli, Presidency Council spokesman, Asdhraf Al-Thelti has announced that the presidency council is convening meetings on the resignation of vice-president Musa Koni, and is making efforts to convince him to reverse his decision. At his weekly press briefing, Monday, al Thulti also touched on the financial arrangements regarding 2017 budget approved by the presidency council totaling 37.56 billion dollars for all sectors, which details are post on GNA website. The GNA official spokesman said talks are underway with the Central bank of Libya on mechanism to follow up policies as well as economic and monetary reforms and foremost scarcity of cash at banks, low rate of exchange of LYD as well as addressing inflation. He said an agreement was concluded with the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Libya on covering budget deficit for last year as well as covering the required expenditure that included provisions to cover pensions, treatment and salaries for the last two months of last year for public sector including salaries of workers of public sanitation, and water.

Source: Libya News Agency