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Al Tayeb Al Bakoush Acquaints Himself With Human Rights and Humanitarian Situation in Libya.

Al Tayeb Al Bakoush Acquaints Himself With Human Rights and
Humanitarian Situation in Libya.Monday , 1902201816:09:00

Tripoli, 19 February 2018(Lana) The Secretary General of the
Maghreb Arab Union Al Tayeb Al Bakoush met on Sunday Ahmed Hamza,
Rapporteur of the Libyan National Human Rights Commission LNHRC,
member of the commission Ahmed Bin Aoun and the Director of Research
and Studies of the World Relief and Cooperation Organisation.
The Arab Maghreb Union should have an emphatic role in the effort
to bring about a settlement of the Libyan crisis and an end to the
division in the country which had profound and catastrophic impact on
human rights and conditions in the country, the LNHRC information
office said.
the Secretary was also briefed on the state of human rights and
public freedoms in Libya, and the need to end culture of impunity
very common in the country.
The two sides agreed on the importance of continuing mutual
consultations and the need to get the Union involved in the political
reconciliation effort in collaboration with other groupings such as
the African Union, the League of Arab States and the UN Support
mission in Libya UNSMIL.


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