Saturday, 4/4/2020 | 11:23 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Al Serraj: Paris Meeting Will be Complemented With Meetings With House of Representatives and High State Council

Tripoli - The President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj has said that the Paris Communique was part of a roadmap that he proposed prior to his tour of Paris, Rome and Algiers, and which aims to get the country out of its crisis, after the impasse that prevailed and which points to a continued division and fragmentation. The Paris Communique calls for cessation of hostilities except combating terrorism, re-unification of state institutions, legislative and parliamentary elections and for establishment of a civilian states that protects freedoms and human rights, Al Serraj said. He pointed out that the Paris meeting will be complemented with meetings by the House of Representatives, the High State Council and civil society organisations.

Source: Libya News Agency